Then and Now

Then... 24 years ago, Creating the double Palm Trees, using Magnet Wire and bare Copper Wire. The magnet wire is a kind of wire that is used in wiring of some elctronics, which has a coating on it, The color is like a burnt orange. The bare Copper has done exactly what I was hoping it would do, tone down. Combinding the two tones together. The double Palm has been in a Private collection for the past 24 years. 

Taking this Beautiful Double Palm out of the Private Collection, The Double Palm will  receive some TLC by up grading the base, and will be putting this piece in the Onlytrees Shop to be sold for a fair price which will includ the shipping and the insurance to get this amazing piece to it's new home. 

I thought this would be a nice way to show the amount of years that my work has been around, as i will be entering my 47th year creating wire trees.

Now... Just last month after working 8 months on the triple Copper Palm Trees.

This Piece will be going into that Private Collection not to be sold.

I will have this piece showing in the Onlytrees Shop but, the price will not be negotiable, that's why there will be a very high price on this particular piece.

The triple Palm is made with 20 gauge non-tarnish copper. I used himalayan salt base with sand based Flex Stot substance.

The photos that I'm sharing are different than the ones shown in the 

Onlytrees Shop.

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