Playing with colored wire

First I would really like to say thank you!!! <3 <3<3 :) :) :)

 for taking the time to read my blogs as they come through.

 It means so much to me that you are here.

As the Thanksgiving Holiday approches and Christmas right around the corner.

I thought while I was sprucing up my shop for the holidays, that I would take a moment and reach out to all who have favorited this onlytrees shop. 

To every interested customer that reached out to me this past year and the prior years. Please know that every single one of you have inspired me to continue to create new pieces.  The image that is with this blog is a Blue Spruce. I was inspired by an awsome, warm hearted customer who took the time to send me a photo of their back yard with a beautiful Spruce Tree covered with snow.

Knowing I had no clue how I was going to  create this Tree, mainly... becuase of the amount of colors I saw in this Tree, I made a small prototype. From that point I decided now I need to figure out how much wire I would need to create a large Spruce.

This Spruce stands 18 inches Tall, the Spruce it's self weighs 4 pounds 2oz. Using 2000 ft of 20 and 22 guage wire. This magnificent Spruce is all wire,

 no filler,  Blending colors to get the look I wanted was the biggest challange.

It is not quite complete, and will not be for sale Yet... in the shop. I will be using this as my Christmas Tree this year 2019. I was going to use a Black walunt base but felt that it just was not the right one and decided on this base which is a cypress wood base created by a shop right here on Etsy. (CypressClocks&Things)

Here are a few more photos I would love to share with you. My plan is to travel with this tree to a few art shows in the next year or so.  Then like many other Trees in the past make sure this goes to it's new forever home. Maybe yours?

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