December 2019 Taking a deep breath...

With so much to do this time of year... I have to say thank you, Yes, YOU!

You are taking a moment to read my blog for December.  

It means so much to me that you are here, and that you just might like to learn about who I am, and maybe about the kind of person that runs this website.

This time of the year it seems to be more about the Rush, Rush, Rush  about the dead line of Christmas Eve, to hopefully complete the Shopping, Wrapping, Cookies baked and decorated, the lights on the house, and the Tree lights working. Or maybe making sure that the holiday celebration how ever you and your family celebrates is that you are all ready for all who you share this wonderful holiday season. 

For me... I would like to make this wish for you.

That you have a moment, a moment to take a Deep Breath.

Look at all the small things you have accomplished, This afternoon, Last night, last week, last month, the past 11 months. 

Wow,,, Think about it, we all have ours stories, Being Blessed, I hope that,

 that might be at the top of your list. It's at the top of mine.

Not knowing where you might be at the time your reading this. I am so thankful that you have taken the time. I am truly blessed to have you here.

I celebated Christmas, However you might celebrate this holiday...

I hope that it is a Joy for you, and all that you share it with.

I had some photos taken to up date my etsy shop. It was so hard too get the right shot. So... Just for fun im going to try something. If you are reading this. and your thinking about getting one of my Trees, but just not sure,

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