Creating Wire Palm Trees (Step One)

  • Pick the gauge Wire you plan on using.
  1. Know... that the tinner the wire, the more wire you will need.
  2. If this is your first attempt, Use scrape wire.
  3. know... there is no wrong way to create a Palm Tree, I am just giving you the Ideas that I have learned. 
  4. ****** NOTE****** I will not take any responsibility of an out come on any wire Trees. I am just sharing what works for me.
  5. You will go through almost one pound of wire, no matter what gauge wire you decide to work with.
  • I used a 1 1/2 inch diameter PVC pipe to create the frond of the Palm.
  • The pipe was about 10 inches long.
  • You will need a stem of wire to create the frond.
  1. The stem is the center of the frond that the leaves of the palm are connected to. This stem of wire should be your support piece for the frond. approx 18 inches depending on the size Palm tree you are thinking about.
  2. To create the leaves of the frond... 
  3. Choice, one continuous wire of your preferred gauge wire, or strands of pre-cut wire approx. 22 inches long.
  4. going with pre-cut? you will need about 14 strands of 20 gauge wire.
  5.  or if you are using 22 gauge wire, you would use about 18 to 20 strands of wire.

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