May Flowers

Hi!! Thanks for stopping by. You taped into this post, I guess because of this beautiful Tree. My Idea for this Tree, First... I love these Wisteria trees in the spring time. I never created a Tree with multible colored flowers, I alway wantrd too.  when I was going through all of my wire, I had and wondered what it would look like if I would put some of the flowers together. So... I started and at that point I knew I was going to complete this piece. 2500 feet of wire later, and then finding this really cool Elm Heart shaped wood I knew it would be the perfect piece. The pictures do not do this Wisteria justice. I know that I will love showing off this piece and placing it into a few art competions in the near future.

 I know the person that decides to purchase this Outstanding One of a kind Wisteria will have this in their home for years and years to come.

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