The past few weeks have been exceptional, meaning...

 that we as a whole body of people have never really experienced anything like this before. I think for most of us we are digging deep to find some inspiration. I know that I am looking to Nature for inspiration these days. Here where I live, 

I watch the Robin hunt down its meal, or see the lady working in her garden removing the old growth from the garden, and seeing the new growth of spring flowers coming up. I am also finding inspiration in the short amount of time for the buds to pop out of the thin branches on a Tree. One day there is nothing, and the next day you might notice a light green hew on the Trees that surround you.  I guss I just want to pop in and say... we got this! this will pass and we will be better for it. 

So we had to take a step back for a while, I have to say I saw so many good things happen during this time. To many to ramble on about, but I'm sure you have also seen many nice things happen also, Like whole families walking,families playing board games, couples working on projects together. 

Lets take care of yourselves, and the others that our in our life.

If you have the opportunity to help a micro business, There are a lot out there. 

I hope that you know...

 that, that business appreaciates you so much. I

f you are reading this blog and you see something in my store that might Interests you. Go into the store, go to (Contact Shop,) send me a message that you read this blog with the numbers 417

 take a moment and say hello. I'd love to hear from you and people like yourself. 

Enjoy the rest of your day, Take a deep breath, and take the time to look up.

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